Introduction: How to Make a Green Lantern Minifigure

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what you'll need-
-Black pants
-Green body
-Black arms
-White gloves
Double sided regular non-yellow head or Robin head
-brown hair(any type)
-All purpose labels

Step 1: The Body and Everything Else

Get your green body and attach it to the black pants, then connect the black arms and the white hands. put on your Robin head.Then go fight crime. But if you dont have that, get your double sided head and cut a strip big enough just to cover the eyes. draw two white squares for the eyes, then color everything around it green. Then cut a circle and stick it on his chest. Then draw the lantern on the blank circle.

Step 2: Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is so fun to make and i will make a flash minifigure later on. FOLLOW ME!

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