Introduction: How to Make a Hot Pad With Scrap Fabric

you will need:
.scrap fabric
sewing machine
scissors (not shown in picture)
batting/ stuffing (not shown in picture)
this is a fun project to do with scrap fabric you have lying around that you have no idea what to do with it

Step 1: Step One: Cut Your Fabric

Cut 2 equal sized pieces of fabric and pin them right sides together leaving an opening to turn it inside out. Sew right sides together using a straight stitch

Step 2: Add Batting and or Stuffing

flip the hot pad inside out. you can now add batting or stuffing. I didn't have batting so I used just a little bit of stuffing to make it a little thicker

Step 3: Sewing

after you stuff it you are going to run a stitch in a square pattern across the hot pad so it looks quillted

Step 4: Make the Strap

take a long piece of scrap fabric (it can be the same pattern or different) and fold one side of ita little longer than half then fold the other side down. The folded edges should over lap a little bit.

Step 5: Sew the Strap

you are going to sew the strap down the middle were the pieces overlap.

Step 6: Last Step

the you are going to take the strap and fold it in half. put the two edges that are together in the hole from were you stuffed the hot pad. sew and then you have a new hot pad that you can use around your kitchen or it makes a great gift!