Introduction: How to Make a Ledge Buddy!

Step 1: Things You Need to Make a Ledge Buddy

1. You'll need clay molding tools

2. A piece of white clay

3. A piece of black clay

4. A big piece of orange clay

5. and finally 2 medium pieces of red clay.

Step 2: Making the Head / Nose

1. To make the head take the orange ball of clay and stick it on the side of the table as shown in picture 2 this should make it into a L shape.

2. Now take the smallest part that hangs over the table and round it like in the last picture making it look like a nose.

Step 3: Making the Eye Sockets

 1. To make the eye sockets use your thumb and press your thumb into the clay as shown in the 2nd picture do that to both sides as shown.
After you can make them deeper or how ever you like.

Step 4: How to Make the Eyes

 1. Take two small clay balls and take your thumb and press them down flat on the table .

2. After doing step 1 take two little black balls and place them in the center of the white clay like picture 6.

3. After you get both eyes done place them in the eye sockets you made in the last step as shown in pictures 7-8.

Step 5: Making the Nose More Detailed

1. To make the nose more detailed put two slits near the bottom.

2. Take a small piece of black clay and stick it into the slits as in picture 3

Step 6: Making the Hands

1. Take red clay and do what you did with the head place it on the edge of the table so it forms to it and can sit there without falling.

2. After you get the first step done take the molding tools and make four fingers or as many as you want then slowly mold them to your liking.
Then repeat with the other ball of red clay.

Now you have your very own ledge buddy !!