Introduction: How to Make a Minecraft Killer Rabbit


1. Needles

2. Felt (Black and White)

3. Stuffing

4. 2 red LED's

5. A battery holder

6. A 3V battery

7. Hot glue guns

8. Scissors

9. Normal thread

10. Conductive thread

Don't worry, it's worth it.

Step 1: Cut Out the Felt

You will need:

2x 1x1 pieces of black felt (Eyes)

1x 1x3 piece of black felt (Mouth)

2x 6x6 pieces of white felt (Head)

2x 3x2 pieces of white felt (Ears)

Step 2: Stitch, Glue, and Stuff

First, almost stitch the 2 largest pieces of white felt together along the seams, to make the head. MAKE SURE THE EARS GET IN THERE TOO. Then fill it with stuffing (but not too full), and finish of the stitches. Once you're done with that, simply hot glue the black pieces on the front to make the face!

Step 3: Add the LEDs

Put a LED on each eye, and thread the conductive thread through the rabbit's head. Try to make the threads come out in about the same spots on the back.

Step 4: Add the Circuit

Put the positive and negative wires together, and put them through the switch and the battery pack. Make sure the wires don't touch where they're not supposed to.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Maybe make cupcakes to celebrate?