Introduction: How to Make a Mini Captain America Shield

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This is how to make a mini captain america shield.

What you need

-Red,blue, and yellow foam

-Cereal box or snack box

-Something to cut with

-Hot glue gun with sticks of glue

Step 1: 1

First you trace a big circle pin on a cereal box then cut it out.

Step 2: 2

Trace the cereal box circle on a piece of red foam then cut it out.

Step 3: 3

Get a empty pudding cup and trace the top on the foam.cut the circle out without cutting the out side circle.Then put the circle with a hole aside for know.Flip the cup over and trace the bottom side(look above for what i did.)Then cut out the bottom of the cup.Then match the bottom of cup up with the circle again and trace the cut circle from outside.Look above to see how it would look.

Step 4: 4

Now you cut out the middle circle.Then cut the circle around the out side off without slicing them.(that is what you have so far).Trace the middle of the smallest circle on to blue foam.Then cut it out.(that is what you have so far.

Step 5: 5

then trace the blue foam circle on to a piece of cerel box.then make the white circle into a star.Now you are done cutting for now.Those are your pieces.

Step 6: 6 Gluing

-First glue the big red foam circle on to big white cereal box circle.

-Then then smaller red circle.

-then glue the small blue circle in the middle of that.

-Then glue the star on.(DON'T JUDGE MY BAD STAR plzzzz)jk idk

that is what you should have.go to next step for back.

Step 7: 7 Gluing/making Back

-make a blue circle the same size as the shield then glue it on the back.

-Cut to brown pieces of cardboard out the same size(make sure they will fit your finger)

-cut two pieces of yellow foam that will go around the brown pieces(look at pictures)Then glue then on how you want.

-Then glue on back of the shield so they fit your finger.

YOUR ALL DONE.......enjoy your small shield

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