Introduction: Mini Crossbow (Pocket Crossbow)

This is my crossbow. Its made out of Popsicle sticks, a metal rake tine, 2 paper clips, and a wire or strong string.

Step 1:

Get 3 Popsicle sticks and cut the ends off and glue them to full sticks on the ends.

Step 2:

Make a cut near the front and then lay a toothpick out on top as shown in picture and mark it and make a shallower cut than the first cut then make slanted cut with exacto knife on smaller cut.

Step 3:

Cut a Popsicle stick with no ends in a quarter and cut in on a angle and drill a hole close to top and drill hole in stock on crossbow as shown in picture.

Step 4:

Get a paper clip and bend it into a 90 degree angle and cut as shown in pic. insert trigger and push wire through and bend close.

Step 5:

get a rake tine and drill a hole in the tine on both ends and and get a piece of paracord and take a little strand on it and tie on both ends.

Step 6:

Attach bow to stock.

Step 7:

Bend paperclip into U shape and wrap it in tape and then hot glue it onto crossbow and its done. This was my first instructible so tell me how i did,thanks.