Introduction: How to Make a Most Wanted Card

Card Games are best things for every kids, teenagers and adults can ever imagine as far as the eye can see.

Step 1: How to Make a Most Wanted Card

It can be a bit in both easy and impossible to make a most wanted card.First, gather the prominent tools:a piece of cardboard enough for the design,glue,pen and pencil and anything that can write, and a piece of paper.Paste glue on a cardboard to paste the paper to begin.

Step 2: Name of Game

Second, write the name of the card game you will make or what it originates from such as Magic, Vanguard and so on.

Step 3: Image Creator

Then,draw the image of the card and you can draw any image.

Step 4: Pick a Name

Fourth,give the card a good,better, or perfect name.

Step 5: Nation and Clan

Fifth, if you’re playing a Clash of Clans type of card game, write down the name of clan with some marker and the flag of a random nation.