Introduction: How to Make a Patchwork Drawstring Bag/hat

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I started making these little bags as a way to use up those scraps that are too small to really do anything with but too large to justify throwing out.  The bag is completely reversible and it can double as a sun hat in a pinch!

Step 1: Gather Materials

you will need:
-string or cord
-safety pin
-8.5" by 11" paper
=measuring tape or ruler
-sewing machine (or just a needle, that would take longer)

Step 2: Wash and Iron Fabric

I know it's a pain, but it makes things easier in the long run.  Wash fabric according to its instructions and iron it, if possible.

Step 3: Make Pattern

Fold the piece of paper in half, lengthwise.  Measure 3 inches in from the bottom and mark the side of the paper that is the unfolded side.  Cut from that mark to the bottom corner of the folded side.  When you open it up, there should now be a point on one end.  Next, measure 2.5 inches in from the folded side and make a mark with the pen.  Cut along this line.  You should now have the shape pictured.

Step 4: Cut Out Fabric and Decide on Arrangement

Using your pattern, cut out the fabric you will need.  For this bag you will need 12 pieces total, 6 for each side.  They can be whatever colors you want.  I like to make one side be the same and one side be different but you can do whatever you want.

Once you have all your pieces cut out, try arranging them in different ways and see what you like the most.

Step 5: Pin and Sew Each Side

Now start the sewing!  Once you have the arrangement you want, pin two pieces with right sides together and sew one side together from the bottom point to the top.  I used about 1/2 inch seam allowance but it's up to you, just keep that in mind when making your pattern and cutting out pieces.  Open them up and pin and sew the next piece.  Continue adding pieces until you have 6 connected and just have to connect the sides.  When connecting the last side, leave about a half inch opening about 3 inches from the edge.  this is where the drawstring will go later.  Do this to both sides.

Press open the seams and sew them down.

Step 6: Sew the Sides Together

Put right sides together, making sure the openings for the drawstrings line up.  Pin them together and sew together, leaving about 3 inches un-sewn.  Through this opening, turn the bags right-side-out so that the right sides of the fabric are showing.  Pin and sew the opening closed.

Step 7: Add Drawstring

Starting at the opening for the drawstring pin at the seams around the bag to keep bother layers in place and sew two seams about 1/2 inch apart all the way around the bag.  Cut a length of cord and tie it to a safety pin and feed it through the channel you just sewed.  If you want, you can add a bead or charm to the end of the cord.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Bag!

To wear it as a hat, just open it as wide as possible and you got a cute bucket hat that is great for keeping the sun off!

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