Introduction: How to Make a Simple Off the Shoulder Blouse

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This type of blouse you can combine with jeans or skirts, its a really cute look!

On my next video I'll show you how to make a skirt to complete the outfit :)

In the meantime, the list of material to make this:

- Fabric: jersey cotton, cotton
- Sewing machine
- Pins
- Scissors
- Chalk
- Measuring tape

Don't forget to watch the video! 

Step 1: First Step

Picture #1: The fabric could be jersey cotton, and in your favorite color :)

                     La tela que utilices puede ser jersey de algodón y en tu color favorito :)

Picture #2: Measure from shoulder to the other

                     Mide cuanto es de hombro a hombro

Picture #3: Then mark on the fabric

                     luego marca en la tela con la ayuda de una tiza

Step 2: Second Step

Picture #4 and Picture #5: Measure your arm and mark in the shape you see

                                                mide tus brazos y marca en la figura que ves en la foto

Picture #6: Cut off the shape of the blouse

                   Luego corta la blusa según el molde.

Picture #7 and Picture #8: On the neckline make a hem, use the pins. Then sew, very carefully.

                     En la parte del cuello debes hacer un dobladillo luego cose con mucho cuidado.

Step 3: Third Step

Picture #9 and Picture #10 #11: Sew the sides of the blouse and arms

                                                  Cose ambos lados de la blousa y la parte de los brazos

Picture #12 and Picture #13: last step, do also a hem on each sleeve and sew.

                                                    como último paso realiza un pequeño dobladillo en las mangas y luego cose

That's all! :D Good luck!