Introduction: How to Make a Spanner(wrench) Out of Pvc.

I've seen some pretty amazing pvc projects here and I thought I must do a nice and simple pvc project as my first instructable. It can be done in 5 minutes and costs about nothing.

Step 1: Required Stuff.

Materials needed:
Short piece of pvc pipe.
A source of heat (I used a tea candle).
A metal rod.
Bolts or brass fitting.
Pliers to hold the bolts.

Note: I'm having trouble adding notes to the image.So please bear with me. My problem has been solved thanks to Tool Using Animal.

Step 2: Forming Your Pvc

Just heat your bolt until it is extremely hot. Now take the pvc pipe and push it over the hot bolt.It will slowly start going on.Now cool and repeat on other side of pvc(only if you want to have a twin sized spanner).

Step 3: Drill and Add Handle

Drill a hole through the middle of your pvc and insert your metal rod. Your done. Now go and use your new pvc spanner/wrench.