Introduction: How to Make a Squirrel Trap

Squirrels in the neighborhood can either be a delight or a nuisance. A desire to catch a squirrel may be the result of (1) wanting a furry little pet, or (2) wanting to get rid of a pesky rodent. These instructions will teach a simple way to make a squirrel trap out of everyday house hold items. It can also be used to catch chipmunks, mice, and other small rodents.


     1 large box
     40 feet of string
     1 stick
     Handful of nuts

Step 1: Tie String

Take the string and tie it to the stick using any type of knot that won't slip.

It's better to place the knot closer to the end of the stick.

Step 2: Place Box

Take the large box and place it on the ground with the open side facing down.

I have found more success when the box is placed in an area that has a high volume of squirrels. 

Step 3: Prop Up

Lift up one edge of the box and prop it up with the stick. It may take a few tried to place the stick correctly so that it doesn't fall. 

Step 4: Place Nuts

Place the nuts on the ground underneath the box to lure the squirrel into the trap.

To increase the likely hood that the squirrel won't escape, place the nuts toward the back of the box.

Step 5: Hide and Wait

Take the other end of the string in hand and hide at least 10 feet from the box. Wait until a squirrel goes into the trap to eat the nuts.

Be far enough from the box so that the squirrel can't see or smell you. Trees and bushes are great places to hide but be sure its comfortable, you may be waiting a while.

Step 6: Pull and Catch

Once a squirrel goes into the box to eat the nuts, pull on the string making the box drop and catching the squirrel. Slide another piece of cardboard underneath the box to seal it. This makes it easy to transport the squirrel to a different location.

Be ready for a hyper, manic squirrel when you open the box.

Don't pull the string right when the squirrel enters, wait until it gets comfortable and starts to eat some of the nuts.