Introduction: How to Make a Steampunk Clock

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Are you really into steampunk like me and want everything you have to be steampunk too? Do you love the idea of retro-futuristic things n' dings? Well if you are, this instructable is for you.

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies

You will need, A electric clock (just a cheap one), Pliers, a hammer (optional), Paint (usually steampunk colors are copper, brass, and gold but I like to use hammered paints), painters tape, a scanner (optional), brown leather shoe polish (optional) and a hot glue gun. **NOTE** Sorry I don't have the original camera picture, the one I have on here is the same model I just started the project before I thought of doing an instructable like I normally do.

Step 2: Scanning & Editing Your Clock Face (optional Step)

My clock wasn't fitting for the stuff I intended for it, so I hacked it out and scanned it and edited it on Microsoft paint. It is really easy to do all you need to do is take the numbers out and whatever else you don't like. I had issues with printing it out in the correct size to fit the clock but I eventually (4 prints later) found the perfect size.

Step 3: Preparing the Clock

For this step take your painters tape, and paint and cover the clock's parts you don't want to paint (like your face and hands). Now take your paint and paint evenly building up lightly but moving your spray can (if using this media) quickly.

Step 4: Details (A Good Option)

This is were your shoe polish comes in, I use it like rust but you can use it to just age your clock face. For a rust effect go along the edges and under where the hands will be with a quetip with a downwards motion lightly until you get the desired effect, you can also use this on the outside of the clock to give it an even more rustic appearance.

Step 5: Adding the Front

Now you could put your boring old original front back on, but I made a special cage front for my clock. To make this you need metal wire (rather thick too), hot glue, pliers, and a ruler. You first measure your how long your clock's face is making sure to add a big or room if you have a thicker gauge wire, than measure how far from the face you want your cage to be, than add that to the measurement. Now cut the pieces out (2 bars across, 3 going down separated). Now you can paint them a gold or copper color but I used textured paint to complete the rusty look, you can take hammered paint and paint it will gloss than it will bubble and give it texture. **NOTE** paint may be tacky if you use that method, to get rid of that put talcum powder on it.   You can add some shoe polish to this too to give it a rust look but be careful not to put too much on the glue because it turns a bright orange

Step 6: Testing and Completion.

Congratulations if you made it to this part and completed all the steps or just the ones that were not optional than you are either sitting there emotionless looking at your clock and saying, wow what a piece of poop. OR you could be one of the many who will say WOW look at this awesome thing, either way it looks great and if its different than how I made mine THATS BETTER because steampunk is all about diverse creations. NOW pop your hands back into the face and plug er in, works great and HEY it looks AWESOME great job.

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