Introduction: How to Make a Stencil on Clothing

This is my first instructable rate it and give me feedback.

Step 1: Getting Supplies

Alrighty now what you'll need for this simple build is an x-acto knife, some cardboard (mine is a cinnamon toast crunch box), a pen, a pencil, and some pins or tape whichever you prefer.

Step 2: Getting Started

Now, what I have very roughly drawn is an acoustic guitar, I didn't want to take too much time making a really detailed stencil, so bear with me. And put your sketch on the brown side if you're using a cereal box.

Step 3: Cutting It Out

with the x acto knife "carefully" cut out you're stencil,if you look closely I cut myself a bit. Ouch!

Step 4: What It Sould Look Like

Again this is definately not a good stencil, but you do need to choose which side is going to be painted, and which side will be left alone, I left the neck and soundhole alone

Step 5: Layout You're Image

Be sure that when you are laying out your stencil that is the way you want it, because after you spray it it is permanant. Also secure your stencil to the artical of clothing with either you're pins or tape. If you are using tape be sure to put the tape under the pieces of cardboard so that they don't show up.

Step 6: How It Should Turn Out

I made this shirt using the same method about a week ago, it's not the best design ever, but it looks pretty cool, and hey it's more or less free

Step 7: Make It Comfortable

in short to make it soft, iron it with a paper towel to guard the iron from spray paint residue, wash it twice on the hottest setting there is on your washer, and then put it in the dryer on the highest, longest, and hottest setting, after pulling it out of there then you are done