Introduction: How to Make a Vibrating Lego-Bot

Hi, my name is Aiyana and i am going to show or teach you how to make a vibrating Lego-Bot. I had this idea originally from Cesar Harada's instructable so i tried to make something similar with Mr. Stanley and Hector of The Harbour School, Hong Kong.

This is something which is a lot cooler than Hex bugs because it's a lot cheaper, you can make it yourself how you want it. You can make them smaller or bigger depending on the size of motor you use.

Step 1: Getting the Parts

You will need:

1.Glue gun or a strong adhesive

2.Lego or something similar

3.Negative and positive wires

4.Vibrating motor

5.Coin battery and holder


7.Crayola air dry clay

8.Soldering iron


Step 2: Making the Circuit

Depending on the motor and switch you get and what you want to achieve, you can design your circuit in different ways. We made 2 circuit designs.

The first one is a simple straightforward switch to motor to battery. The second one is a little more complicated. We want the robot to vibrate left and right so we used 2 switches. We used a soldering iron. Teamwork is required here as the soldering iron gets very hot and the components are tiny.

Because the wires are very thin, it is important to glue the exposed bits at the end to protect them.

Step 3: The Fun Part!

Now that you've built the vibrating motor core, you can then decide to design it anyway you like. But in order to have the flexibility of changing your designs, you should stick a small Lego base plate at the bottom. This will allow you to clip on any design you wish.

For example, I experimented using the heads of toothbrushes. I glued two together and then stuck them onto a 6 by 2 Lego piece which then clips on to my vibrating motor. Very cool! Have fun!