Introduction: How to Make a Working K'nex Ratchet.

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This is the first working K'nex ratchet anyone has ever made. The ratchet head is based off my K'nex ratchet tool.

It takes all basic K'nex pieces except for the "Screw".
This is the Instruction list:

Part I, The ratchet head.

1.1 Building the bottom side
1.2 Attaching the white rods
1.3 Building and attaching the middle
1.4 Building and attaching the top side
1.5 Attaching the ratcheting system

Part II, The handle.

2.1 Building the bottom side
2.2 Attaching the white rods
2.3 Building and attaching the middle
2.4 Building and attaching the top side

Part III, Attaching the pieces, Building the socket and screw.

3.1 Building the socket
3.2 Building the screw
3.3 Putting it all together
3.4 Your done!!!

I am going to post a video on how to make it soon, check back later for when i post it.

Parts count:

This parts count might not be exact, i think it is exact but i might be 1 or 2 off.


Green: 31
White: 36
Blue: 10


Grey: 8
Orange: 1 (It must be the modified one or this won't work.)
Red: 4
Green: 12
Yellow: 12
White: 13 (Including a modified white, like the modified orange connector.)


End-Cap: 1
Black Head-Top: 1
Blue Clip Connector: 1
Tan Clip: 2
Blue Spacers: 5
Grey Spacers: 10

If you don't have these, you can substitute some pieces for other ones, you will just have to check.

Happy building!!

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Step 1: 1.1 Building the Bottom Side

The bottom side mainly is just a modified circle of green connectors and green rods. If you want, you can build the top and bottom side now because they are the same.

Step 2: 1.2 Attaching the White Rods

Attach 7 white rods to the bottom side you just built as shown in the photo. Now proceed to step 1.3!!

Step 3: 1.3 Building and Attaching the Middle

Now you need to build the middle, then attach it. first take a white connector (make sure it is the non-modified one) and attach 7 green rods, then attach 7 grey connectors. Now put the white rods that are on the bottom frame that we built in last step through the holes on the grey connectors, like shown is photo. Proceed to step 1.4!!

Step 4: 1.4 Building and Attaching the Top Side

Build another side exactly like the bottom side, then attach it to the tops of the white rods, above the middle piece you build in last step. Finally add a white rod (like shown in the photos) for the ratchet system, you can attach it either direction for whichever direction you want it to ratchet. Proceed to step 1.5!!

Step 5: 1.5 Attaching the Ratcheting System

Last step for the ratchet head!! Most complicated step i think too. I can't really explain how to do it much so you are mostly going to need to look at the photos. First put a blue rod through the middle of the white connector, then put the modified orange connector on the end that does not have the white rod for the ratchet part that we put on in last step, then put a tan clip on it so the prong is in the hole of the orange connector. Now put a NON-modified white connector on the other end, now put a tan clip on and push it up tight against the white connector, now put on the 1 and only blue clip connector. You are now done with the ratchet part!! Sorry if the instruction were a little hard to understand, just look at the photos and you will be able to build it right.

Step 6: 2.1 Building the Bottom Side

We are now into Part II, The handle!! You have made it this far, you can do it!! To build the handle, build it just like the photo shows. Proceed to step 2.2!!

Step 7: 2.2 Attaching the White Rods

Attach the white rods now, building the handle is very much like the ratchet head. Attach the white rods like in the photo. Proceed to step 2.3!!

Step 8: 2.3 Building and Attaching the Middle

This step is a little tricky because you will probably have to take it apart somewhat, i wont show that in the instructions. First build the middle: 3 white rods and 4 white connectors, then attach it to the white rods. When you are done, proceed to step 2.4!!

Step 9: 2.4 Building and Attaching the Top Side

Last step for the handle!! Begin by building a duplicate of step 6, now attach it to the white rods like you did in step 2.2. It is hard to explain, refer to the photos for better instructions. That phrase: "A picture speaks a thousand words" is true when is comes to this, lol. Now we can proceed to step 3.1!!

Step 10: 3.1 Building the Socket

Now we can work on the last steps!! The socket is a very interesting piece. First put 8 of the blue rods onto a white connector, then put a grey spacer on each of the blue rods, the put the last white connector onto the blue rods. It won't work to build it just like a said, so you will have to build it your way, it was just to show you sort of how it goes.

Step 11: 3.2 Building the Screw

Now it is time to build the screw. This is the easiest step i think, lets get started. First take your MODIFIED white connector and put a blue rod through it, next put a black head cap on it, like in the photos, now put on 4 blue spacer and 2 grey spacers, i like the order i put it in on my screw. Now, all that is left is assembly and then...we get done!!

Step 12: 3.3 Putting It All Together

Now all we need to do is to put it together, just look at the photos and you can figure it out, or you can read my confusing instructions and try to put it together that way! First, attach the handle, then put the socket on and the screw in the socket...and your done.

Step 13: 3.4 Your Done!

You are finally done!! I hope you enjoy this instructable and please don't forget to vote and subscribe!! I need all the votes i can get!! Thank you for taking time to build this. I hope you enjoy your new ratchet, just don't forget that it won't work on a real screw lol. If you noticed anything that i did wrong or a typo please tell me in the comments. A video is coming soon.
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