Introduction: How to Make a Youtube Tech Intro With Paint.NET

Hello guys! In this tutorial I will be showing you how to creat a tech-based intro for your youtube channel.

What you need

Microsoft Windows (Not free)

Windows movie maker 6.0 (free, installed on vista machines)

Paint.NET (free, 7/8/8.1/10)

Creative market thin line device icons


Microsoft Windows: Windows Website

Windows movie maker 6.0: 32 Bit / 64 Bit

Paint.NET: 32/64 Bit

Creative market icons: Click


First, Download each of the above files/applications. Extract the zip file from Creative market.

Name the icon folder "icon". Now, If you Extract the .ZIP file to the folder, you will have the Icon folder filled with its respective files. If you look at the image above, you should see something similar.

Step 1: Making Frames

Okay. Glad you've came this far! Next, were going to make some frames. No, not out of wood. :) Open up Paint.NET, and open your "Icons" folder too. If you look in the icons folder, you will see folders named AI, EPS, PNG, PSD, and SVG. Open up the folder named PNG. You will see MORE folders. the smallest number being 16px, and the biggest being 512px. These are the size. Large = 512px, small is 16px. The smallest I would go is probably 64px. Open up your size, (I chose 512px) you will see Icons of computers, phones, and such. Open all of these in paint.NET until you get a image similar to the one up above. When you have that, go up to the top left, and click on the little paper with the plus. It will open a window asking you what size you want, ect. Replace 800 x 600 with the resolution of your videos on youtube. (If you upload 1080p videos, replace 800 with 1920 and 600 with 1080, and for 720p, replace 800 with 1280, and 600 with 720). Good! This next part is simple. Go to the tools window, and look for the bucket. Click on it, then click on a color on the color wheel. Finally, click on the white space. That will set the background color. Then, look at the bottom right side. You will see a Layers window. Click on the small green plus in the layers window. Now, go up to one of the icons and click on it. Don't worry, your picture is safe and sound. Now, click on the blue rectangle in the tools window, and starting from the right corner, dragging down to the left, hold down the mouse button to select the image. Once the image is selected, Press Ctrl+C, Then, look at the top right corner again. Click on the background color you set earlier. Then press Ctrl+V. The image you selected and copyed will appear! drag it to the center. Now, In the tools window, look for the T icon. Click it. on the top of the window, you will see font options. Set the font, font type, and size. To recolor the text, click a color on the color wheel. Click anywhere, and start typing! You can type your username, Your dog's name, or even the word PIEZZA! It's all up to you. If you don't like where you put your text, you will see a small arrow icon. Drag it to move the text. Finally, go to the top, and click on "Image" and then press "Flatten". Now click "File" and "Save". Give it a name, and a window will pop up. Just hit Ok. YAY! You've made your first frame! Repeat this process 4 to 7 times, all with different backgrounds, Icons, and text. (even fonts, too!) I made 2 frames just as examples.

Step 2: Editing, Adding Music, and Finishing!

Okay! I'M SO GLAD YOU MADE IT HERE! This last part is easy. Install and open windows movie maker 6.0 And you WONT get a screen like this. Go to the bottom left corner, and where it says "Storyboard" Click on. Then click "timeline". Go to the left and click on Import pictures, or Pictures. When the window opens, navigate to where you saved the frames, and hold CTRL, and click on all your frames. Now, one by one, drag your frames to the timeline where it says "Drag media here." Click on the + icon a few times to zoom in. Look at the small arrow on your first frame, and the very right side of it, before it turns into the second frame. Grab that arrow and drag it left. This will make the frames shorter. Once they are short/long enough to your comfort, you can look for some music! Heres a website where you can download royalty free music (Music you're allowed to use on youtube):

Look for some music you like, then download it. Go back to movie maker, And going to the left, go to import audio or music. Navigate to where you downloaded your music. Click on it, and import it. Drag it down to the music track below the video track. finally, click on where it ends, and over under the preview box (That may or may not have shown your frames) Clcik on the blue icon. This will split the music. Delete the cut portion that dosen't have frames above it. congratulations! you have made a youtube intro! Now go get some subscribers with your shiney new intro!

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