Introduction: Axe Bullet Safe / Wallet (storage)

I'm going to teach you how to make a super secret wallet / or safe
You need:

.empty Axe bullet
scissors or razor

Step 1: Axe Bullet

First you need to get the axe bullet at the store.
once you have that you need to pry off the caps(all the black ones)
Once you done that make sure there is nothing in the can then cut on the silver line with scissors or a razor blade.

Step 2: Finally

Now your done you can stuff things in there and to close it just take the first cap with the whole in it and stuff it in on the top (look at pictures below)

Step 3: Your Done

This is something strait out of a James Bond movie, a super safe wallet that even smells good. you can also put it in your pocket, ect.
thank you