Introduction: How to Make an Origami Picture Frame.

These origami picture frames are original, easy to make and practically free!

What you need:

-a picture
-a paperclip

Step 1: Step 1

You can use any kind of paper for this project: origami paper, wrapping paper etc.

just make sure that :

-it's a square

-its side is at least twice as long as the pictures longest side.

You can even use two sheets of paper of a different colour, just put one on top of the other!

Start by folding the square in half in both directions.

Step 2: Step 2

Now, fold the four angles to the middle. (If your paper is decorated on one side, put that side up!)

Step 3: Step 3

Turn the paper around and fold the sides to the middle again.

Step 4: Step 4

Turn around again and fold the corners up as shown.

Step 5: Step 5

Note: If the paper you're using is pretty thick, you'd better put your picture in the frame at this stage, as it might be difficult to do so afterwards.

Glue three out of four sides. The fourth will make your frame stand up. If your paper is too weak to hold the frame, glue a paperclip to stabelize it (as shown).

Step 6: Done!

That's it! Now, decorate the frame anyway you like and put your nicest pictures in them!