Introduction: How to Make Belts and Bracelets Out of Soda Pop Tabs

 This instructable shows you how to make belts and bracelets out of tabs found on soda cans.

This project is fairly easy but takes some time.
Bracelets average 10-20 minutes and belts take about 1-2 hours depending on how quick you are.

Step 1: Supplies

 Ok first you need to gather all your supplies.

1. about 25 tabs for a bracelet or 100 for a belt.
2. string (yarn, ribbon, wire, ect.)
3. needle (optional)
4. scissors
5. key chain rings or book rings (or anything that can be used for a belt buckle)
6. Glue or nail growth stuff (recommended)

Step 2: Preperation

 First you need to measure your string and cut it.
A bracelet needs about 3 feet of string while a belt takes 11 to 13 feet of string.

After you cut the string to the right length, mark the middle of the string with a marker (or a piece of tape) you need to do this because you need to start at the middle of the string.

Step 3: Starting It Off

So now you an slide your first tab onto the string.

Make sure you put it on facing the right way or the outside of the bracelet wont be the smooth side.

Then get a second tab and loop the string over and back through the first tab (sounds confusing but you will get it)

Then put the string through a third tab and back through the second tab.

Then string through fourth and back through third again.
both sides of your bracelet should look similar now.

Step 4: Make It Longer

Now just continue the pattern to make it as long as you want!

Step 5: Finishing Up a Belt

Now when you have test fitted your belt you can just tie it off with 3 or 4 knots.
Glue the knot with Nail growth stuff or some kinda glue.
Then cut off the extra string (or leave it on)
And finally add some keychain rings (or book rings)

Step 6: Finishing Up a Bracelet

To finis a bracelet you need to put the string through the beginning of the bracelet and tie a knot.

Make sure all of the tabs are tied in or you will have a tab that flips (which looks sloppy)

You can flip the bracelet insideout if you need to for this step (it makes it easier)

And just tie and glue a knot like described in the previous step.

Step 7: Done

Ok your done!
So go show off your new swag! tell people how many gallons of soda you had to drink to make it! give it to someone for a gift! WHATEVER!!!!

Feel free to post any questions or constructive criticism.