Introduction: How to Make Cropped Jeans

This I my first Instructable so I chose something easy. How to make cropped jeans.
I made this summer must have using an old pair of jeans; they were ripped and were never going to be worn again, I suggest you do the same.

Step 1: Setting Up

Gather materials
You will need:
1. Jeans
2. Sewing Kit
3. Scissors
4. Pins
5. Chalk (for Marking)
6. Tape Measure

Step 2: Cutting Jeans

Mark on the jeans where you wish to cut. I tried on the jeans and marked just below the knees with chalk, I then took them off and cut the legs off. You can measure using tape measure to ensure the 2 legs are even.

For a jagged end look cut above the knees and you are done.

Step 3: Fold Knee

Next fold the jeans at the knee. I put them back on at this point and folded and marked where I wanted them folded.
You can judge how much to fold yourself. I wanted it just above the knee so I folded it half way first

Step 4: Second Fold

Now fold the jean leg again. The markings made earlier will make this easier. Flatten out the fold and ensure it is even.

Step 5: Pin Fold

I pinned the fold so it would stay in place. This is optional, and depends on how you decide to sew it later.

Step 6: The Other Leg

Now repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 with the other jean leg.
A tape measure may be needed to ensure the legs are now the same length

Step 7: Sewing

Now sew the folds in place. I only sewed at the seams so the fold stays in place. I sewed under the existing seam that way the stitches cannot be seen. Do this to both legs

Step 8: Wear

Not only is this a good way of recycling old jeans it is also a fashionable one.
Enjoy wearing your new cropped jeans for the summer!