Introduction: How to Make Good Art

Can't draw? can't make a strait line without a ruler? I do not consider myself an artist by any means. in fact this is only my second drawing. I'm using it as my example since i remembered to take photos every few hours of drawing.  so we start off with out blank paper! and i used Pens.. wait pens for my second drawing? and I'm NOT an artist?!  whoever said you can't shade with pens obviously never tried it. for the following picture instructable i used Orange, Black, Brown, and Yellow. ok i colored over the brown with black but i thought maybe some would show through here and there.. on with the picture!

Step 1:

started with the dirt here.. the paper is perforated along the bottom edge of my dirt so when i tear it off later i had a solid base. in a previous picture ( not on here ) i used it for my sky side. i added my water line and where i wanted my sun to be along with part of its reflection early on in the picture. started my trees as well. and added the dark side of the waves. the sun is in your face after all.. the water won't look blue.

Step 2:

the water needs alot of orange so just keep adding to it every once in a while. the yellow sun as well expand it and make sure it gets the size you think looks best. coloring the sky is time consuming but relatively easy.. just orange it up and darken in some areas and darken high up for clouds and shading. shading with a pen depends on your pressure and the amount of white you leave between. do not try to make strait lines. the sky is not strait lines.. i drew mine as fast as i could with even pressure. but do go across the sky and not up and down. looks really bad if you go up and down with a pen when making sky. i have not drawn the palm fronds because i decided it would look better if they were on top of the orange. After i drew the first one...

Step 3:

clouds in a sunset such as this are going to be orange, dark orange. maybe a light brown. but i didn't use brown for the clouds.  make sure your sky looks orange and you have the clouds you want before finishing your trees.  the sunset should also reflect off your water. it's going to V shape towards the viewer. the next step will cover the tree tops. No pun intended.

Step 4:

again i did these quickly. remember there are no strait lines in nature. so spending less time on the lines curves each one differently and gives it a more natural look. Start your line from the center and drag it out quickly to get a thinning line. entire branch should be quick with curves and fill in both sides of each one even if they overlap. Because they do that in nature as well!.. hey look a sunset on the beach!

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