How to Make Lasagna in the Easiest Way

Introduction: How to Make Lasagna in the Easiest Way

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This is our delicious lasagna

Step 1: This Is All You Need

All you need is tomato sauce and some meal and some cheese and one onion and corn and of corse oil and you can use an olive oil

Step 2: Cook the Meal Perfectly

mix the meal with olive oil and corn and onion and some spice like pepper or turmeric just a little bit for the taste and color and you can put some garlic and olive to it it will be delicious too

Step 3: Mix the Meal With the Tomato Sauce

You can mix tomato sauce with some red pepper spice and some tomato and onion to make it more tasty but you can only mix it with tomato sauce

Step 4: And Your Done

This is the steps of how to put everything in it
it is super easy

Step 5: Ta Dah ? ??

and this is our easy delicious lasagna ever

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    5 years ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmm,.....Easy does it here,....looks great!

    I think I would add some sautéed veggies with it. Yum!


    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you :) have fun. i really love it too


    Reply 5 years ago

    it is one of my favorite food