Introduction: How to Make Really Cheap Highlights.

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Ok, I for one love highlights; pink, blue, blonde, temporary, permanent, whatever. One thing you should know:

Any color except blonde is going to be temporary. So let's start with the list of things you need:

For blonde:

  1. Lemon juice,
  2. A shower,
  3. A deep cup.
  4. A pretty good water heater (I list this one because my grandma's hot water heater hardly heats up enough for a bath, and others could be like that.)
  5. A sunny day.

For any color:

  1. Chalk.
  2. A hairbrush that will survive a washing.

Step 1: Step One: for Any Color

Pick the color of chalk you want, any color will work, but I've found that the brighter the color, the better the highlight.

Wet the part of your hair you plan to highlight (This is not a necessity step, but you can easily damage your hair if you leave it dry.).

Brush very well!

Take the chalk and rub it horizontally across your hair- don't rub too hard!!!

Step 2: Step Two: for Any Color, Part Two

Once you have it coated brush your hair very thoroughly. It will be pretty knotted where you highlighted it.

Brush again about every ten minutes, until dry. Now you have colorful highlights! Congrats!!!

Step 3: Step 3: Blonde Highlights

Now, you want to be very sure about this before you do it, because, unless you end up dying your hair, they are going to be there for a LONG time. I gave you fair warning.

Your going to want to take a shower before you do this. Get your lemon juice and squeeze into a cup- a small bowl will work too, but it will be more difficult.

Step 4: Step 4: Actually Doing It.

So, once your done with your shower and dressed, brush your hair well. Then take your lemon juice and run your tap water until it's hot. Take the part of hair you want to highlight and dip it in the lemon-juice-water solution. Let it sit in the water for about five minutes, occasionally combing it with a fine-tooth comb.

Step 5: Step 5: After You've Done Step 4...

Go outside and sit in the sun, occasionally brushing your hair until dry. Try to stay in the sun, or it doesn't work as well. Hopefully, by now, you have blond highlights! The step after this give different ways to do this.

Step 6: Step Six, Quicker Highlights, Slighly Easier.

Ok, want to do this but don't have the time, or don't want to go through the whole process? If you do it this way, you can't control what parts of your hair get highlighted, and again, it will last a LONG time.

Things you'll need:

  1. An empty water bottle.
  2. A sunny day.
  3. Lemon juice.
  4. A shower.

Ok, take a shower, after you've washed your hair, rinse with a part-water, part-lemon juice mixture. Temperature irreverent. DO NOT RINSE WITH WATER AFTER THIS!! IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOUR RINSE WITH WATER.

And go and sit in the sun (After getting dressed, obviously.) brushing your hair about every ten minutes.

Then you should have highlights!

TIP: This, and the other method, both work best in the summer. The sun is brighter and you'll get more distinguished highlights.