Introduction: How to Make Ribbon Pumpkins

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Are you thinking of how to decorate your small mantel for fall? Today I am sharing how to make these mini ribbon pumpkins that are perfect for any small spaces.

Step 1: Materials Required

Any ribbon of your choice (I am using 1.5 inch ribbon )

Empty toilet paper roll

Hot glue gun & Glue sticks


A Magazine paper

Masking tape

Brown Acrylic paint

Paint brush

Green card stock paper(Optional)

Step 2:

Make the center base of the pumpkin using empty toilet paper roll. Cut five to six slits on the top and bottom of the empty roll.Cut one slit all the way down .Cut the slits part and use the center part .Apply some glue to the center part and stick it to the paper roll.This is done to decrease the diameter of the paper roll. If you want to keep the diameter as such.You can go ahead and just join the top and bottom slits.Attach them together with hot glue so that they resemble like a pumpkin skeleton

Step 3:

Measure and cut the ribbon in such a way that it should go one inch inside the roll in the top and bottom to secure it with the glue. Cut as many strips as needed. I used 7 strips to make this pumpkin.

Step 4:

Glue the ribbon one inch inside on the top and take it to the bottom and glue it in the same way. Repeat the same for all the ribbon strips by overlapping them with the previously glued ribbon.The pumpkin is now done.

Step 5:

Now lets make the stem part. To do this, take a magazine paper and crush it . Fold it in a zig zag manner to adjust the length of the stem. You can also cut the paper length to make it small. Use the masking tape and tape the paper to make it as a stem.Paint it with brown acrylic paint to resemble as pumpkin stem. If you have brown tape , you can use that and omit the painting step.

Step 6:

Apply glue to the inside of the pumpkin and insert the stem to stick. You can bend the stem a little to give more natural look.

Step 7:

If you want you can also give an extra touch by adding a pumpkin leaf. You can draw a leaf on a green card stock paper and cut it. Draw the vein in green marker and glue it to the pumpkin. That's it !! Your beautiful mini ribbon pumpkin is now ready.You can use them to decorate your mantel or wherever you wish :)

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