Introduction: How to Make Swirl Roses

My mother made a picture for my aunty using a swirling technique to build up an artistic rose effect with a leafy background. What you will need :
A canvas or good quality paper
A thick paint brush (to make swirls)
A thin paint brush (for detail work)
A main colour (for main swirl), different shades of the same colour
White and metallic silver paint for detail
Paint pen or sharpie 

Step 1: Swirl

A reasonably sized brush should be used (quite thick but round) First make a swirl of whatever colour rose you want. It doesn't have to be traditional rose colours you could even do a bouquet of multicoloured roses if you wish. With a round ish outline and some white showing in the swirl (do not make it a perfect swirl as adding different shades adds depth to the rose). Fill in some of the white parts inside the swirl with slightly different shades of the colour you are using (slightly lighter and darker work best) use multiple shades to add depth and a more natural effect. A background  should be painted round the swirls to add more depth.

Step 2: Add Detail

The swirls can be left like this to give an abstract effect but adding fine detail such as leaves on a green background to add a natural effect or clouds or waves on a blue background. The leaves shouldn't stand out too much so using a different shade of green is best. Add slight detail to the roses by using small amounts of white or silver paints small lines or dots to make them look moist and natural. Out line the swirls with a black paint pen or black sharpie to add definition.

Step 3: Finished

A clear coat might look good over the painting to protect it and give it a shine. Finish with a signature and any other personal details. 

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