Introduction: How to Make Tags

Yes, I know tags are easy to make, but I thought I'd share how I like to make mine :]

-Paper, or card [you can also use recycled materials, such as plastic or newspaper]
-Hole puncher
-2 mini washers

Step 1: Cut Out a Shape

The title says it all. Cut out any type of shape you would like your tag to be. I made mine a heart in accordance to Valentines day. ♥

Step 2: Hole

Use a single hole puncher shown in the picture below or if have a 3 hole puncher, just use a part of the puncher to get the hole punched.

Add a hole at a corner, or edge of your shape. Make sure it's not too close to the edge. Don't be silly and punch the hole in the center...Unless that's really what you're aiming for...

Step 3: Washers

Get mini washers, the size of the hole in washer should be smaller or the same size as the hole you punched. Apply glue the the flat side of the washer. Glue onto your tag where the hole is. Repeat for the other side. Firmly press down the washers and wait until they are dry. Now you have a reinforced hole for your tag! :)

Step 4: Finished!

You are finished. Just string any type of string through your hole and attach to whatever you are using the tag for. Good luck making your own!

If you have any questions or I made a typo in this instructable, just message me :] or comment.

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