Introduction: Recycling Old Hoop Earrings

My sister gave me some of her old hoop earrings and I decided they would make some nice bangles.

Hoop earring
Round nose plier
Eye pin
Head pin
Jump rings
Assorted beads
Hex nuts
Super glue
Wire cutter

Step 1: Making Charms

I didn't have beads big enough to thread through the bangle itself, so I decided to make some some charms instead.
Charm 1 (Star)
1. Thread a bead of your choice through an eye pin.
2. Using a wire cutter, cut off some of the wire leaving approximately 1cm of wire. (You don't need to do this if your wire is short enough)
3. Using a round nose pliers, create a loop with the remaining wire. (Sorry, I don't have pictures it was difficult to photograph)
4. Open some jump rings and thread them through the loops you just made. One jump ring for each loop.

Charm 2 (Gold bead)
1. Thread your second bead of choice through a head pin.
2. Using your round nose pliers again, make a loop. My wire was long so I just continued looping it forming a double loop. (Optional: You can cut the wire shorter)
3. Open a jump ring and thread it through the loop. Close the jump ring.

Continue making these charms using the same steps. I made 8 star charms and 5 gold bead charms.

Step 2: Making Stoppers

Thread your mini hex nut through your bangle and then thread all your charms in the order you would like. 
My order:
1. Hex nut
2. 1 gold bead charm
3. 2 star charms
4. Repeat steps 2 & 3.
5. Hex nut

Now decide where you want you stoppers to be. This will prevent the charms from all sliding to the end of the bangle and gathering there. Carefully, put a small amount of super glue around the bangle at the spot you would like the stopper to be. Slide your hex nut up to that spot. (Don't move it anymore!) Let it dry before doing the same to the other hex nut. (Sorry I couldn't provide pictures; it's difficult trying to glue and take pictures with a super heavy camera at the same time)

Step 3: Finishing Touches

My round nose pliers comes with a wire cutter, but if yours doesn't; you can just just find a wire cutter for this step. You need to cut off the ends of the earring with the wire cutter. The edges are sharp, so I glued some beads to the end of it. (Probably wasn't too smart of me to glue pointy star beads to the end...)

Step 4: Complete!

After letting all the glue dry, you're done! You've transformed your hoop earring into a nice bracelet.

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