How to Turn a Broken Umbrella Into a Eco-friendly Reusuable Bag




Introduction: How to Turn a Broken Umbrella Into a Eco-friendly Reusuable Bag

I recently broke my umbrella due to strong wind ):
So...I decided to make a bag out of it.

The bag can be folded into a compact size and is waterproof because it was an umbrella.

You will need:
- broken umbrella (you must be able to detach the material from the frame of the umbrella)
-sewing machine, or needle and thread...but it'll take really long
-marker/something to mark the fabric with

I advise you to read all the steps before attempting to make this, as you may have questions you would like to ask me.

Step 1: Obtain the Fabric

The umbrella I had; the material was attached to the metal frame with string, so I just cut of the strings and the material came off. It's quite easy to accomplish. The top part had this button thing, but it was also easily unscrewed and taken off. What you're left with is a big hexagon shape fabric.

Lay the fabric on the floor.

Step 2: Mark and Cut the Pieces

You may use your marker for this part [to draw straight lines for cutting] if you like.

-Fold the hexagon in half
-Cut off the sides
-Put aside the rectangle piece you have just created
-Take the two triangles left over, and cut two narrow strips [they don't have to be straight]
-The two strips will be the handles of the bag, while the rectangle will be the actual bag

Step 3: Sewing

I did not do this part as I do not know how to use the sewing machine; however, I will attempt to explain this step.

ALL THIS PART IS SEWN INSIDE OUT [once you are done, you flip the bag out again]
-Sew the bottom of the bag - yes it will already be closed, but sew it again to create a more soft, rounded look
-Sew the sides of your bag
-Fold the top edges down to inside of the bag, and sew [REFER TO PIC 8]
-Sew the corners of the bottom of the bag - this will give the bag rounder corners instead of sharp ones [REFER TO PIC 3]


-Fold the sides of the strap so that you have a straight edge [REFER TO PIC 4&5]
-Sew the straps [REFER TO PIC 6&7]

Attaching the straps
-Position the straps you would like it to be on the bag - they should hang nicely in a good position on your shoulders after you are done
-Sew the straps on to the bag [REFER to PIC 8]
-Snip off excess strap, make sure you aren't cutting your strap in half :( [REFER TO PIC 9]

Step 4: Carrier and FINISH!

My umbrella came with a holder so you insert the umbrella inside. I decided  that I would use this as a carrier for the bag. The holder was a bit too long for my bag..and since I was too lazy to cut the excess and attach a button...I just folded it, so it wasn't so long.

I also used the Velcro strap I saved earlier to tie everything. My umbrella also had a plastic cell phone strap, and saved that as well.


You are done! From a broken umbrella to a reusable bag in four simple steps!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I use broken umbrellas to make dragon wings for costumes. Made a pair for my niece two Halloween's ago and hid the straps inside a reworked Charmander costume.

    She was happy, but my sister was in a rush to get home. My sister's ex took pictures, and I never got them.

    At least my niece had a good Halloween.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, next time i'll keep my broken bumbrella :D

    Cherry Red
    Cherry Red

    11 years ago on Introduction

    WOW! What a great idea. Wish I wulda saw this sooner. We've gone thru a few umbrellas. Great instructable & awesome Idea. Thnx 4 taking the time 2 show us a great way (I think) 2 re use & recycle.