Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Paper Airplane

This is a step by step guide explaining how to make a perfect paper airplane.  With these simple steps, all you need is computer paper and a couple of friends for an afternoon of fun flying planes.

Step 1: The Center Crease

Make a vertical crease down the center of the page lengthwise.

Step 2: The Corner Folds

Fold down the top right corner of the paper so that it meets the center crease (about 1/3 down the page).  Repeat with the top left corner.  

Step 3: The Square

Fold the top of the paper down so that it creases where the corners met in step two (approximately 1/3 down the page).

Step 4: The Corner Folds, Part 2

Fold the top two corners down towards the center crease so that they meet in the middle.  The corners will not meet parallel to each other as they did in step 2, only the points will touch at the center crease.

Step 5: The Seal

Fold the small triangular flap up over where the corners meet.  This seals the folds in place.

Step 6: The Flip

Flip the paper over.

Step 7: The Center Body

Fold the paper in half back against the crease.

Step 8: The Wings

Fold the top of the plane down horizontally; be sure to maintain the point at the front of the plane.  Do the same with the opposite side to complete your paper airplane.