Introduction: How to Make the Shield of Protoman

Protoman is a character of Mega-man, turning famous with your shield.

the protoman's shield is different of the normal shiled, because de shield is look like a turtle shell, and is that what make the protoman famous, and in this tutorial, I will teach you:HOW TO DO THE PROTOMAN'S SHIELD!!!

Step 1: Materials


- Cardboards

- Scissors

- Ink (red and white)

- Glue

-Steel nail file


ok, let's begin!

Step 2: The Format

The format of shield is oval, so, with a pencil and erase you will do in the middle of cardboard a curve, if you think is wrong, you do again until turn right.

after you make the curve, you will cut this line until you finish.

do you know the part of the cardboard tha you cut? do you use this part in the other corners, but only the top corner, after, get another cardboard with the same size an do de same thing that you do before(ONLY THE TOP CORNERS!!!)

the cardboards will turn it:

Step 3: The Size

Everyone have your size, and if you want show the shield to your friends, the shield need to be big enough to your size, that why you should make 2 parts to join one with other with glue.

so, you just need join the cardboards to be good to your size*

*:the shield need cover your back.

when you have done, the shield will look like:

Step 4: Repairs

After you join the cardboards, you will adjust the wrong parts with a steel nail file(parts straight to curved) and make the little window in the top of the shield(the size of window depends of size of the shield.

After all became good, we go to the:

Step 5: Painting

The painting is easy:

-paint the whole shield white

-after, paint a line in the coast of shield and in the coast of the window red

And done!

You finish the shield!!!

Step 6: If You Want Use the Shield...

If you want use the shield, you need:

-Paint the all other side black

-make a handle with other cardboard and fix it with glue

an done!

you can use now!

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