Introduction: How to Make Wargame Warhammer Roads or Tracks

OK so I made a fence some time ago and I havent been idle but I thought I would share with you a cheap effective way of making roads/tracks/bases/fields or even a stream

Step 1: The Materials

First off gather your materials. For this I have some flint chippings, DIY shops or garden centres have these you can even use fish tank chips.
I also have grass and sand flocking material, some PVA glue and the find some self adhesive flooring panels. These I purchased from my local £1 store. i got 4 lengths in a pack for £1 and it gives you roughly 24 foot of track/road depending on how you cut it. You also need some scissors and a bowl to catch the flocking material.

Step 2: First Things First

Ok so now we need to gauge how thick we want the road to be. Out come my old friends the models. You dont have to worry about the edge being really straight either, its a road, who has dead straight roads. (Except for the Romans that is).

Step 3: Ohh! Look a Sort of Road!!!

Ok now you have a rough guide as to the thickness of your road. I like the idea of 2 horses being able to gallop along side by side, but you use whatever model you want, If it was tanks then you may want it 2 model wide.

Dont throw that off cut away.

Step 4: Now Flip It

As the title says flip it over and remove the backing...

You now have a pre-glued surface to take you materials on.

Step 5: Add the First Layer

Now choose the material your going to cover the strip in. I used Flint Chippings for this piece.

Place it over your bowl or other container, you have to catch those chippings save money.

And now scatter your chosen material all down the strip. Shake off the loose bits.

Step 6: Add the Second Layer

Now to give it a more realistic look. I added some grass flock. This fills in the gaps between the chippings nicely and gives it a more rural/old look.

Step 7: Thats All Folks...

and there you have it your road/track or whatever. You can add snow material or anything you want.

I think the total cost is around £3:00 for the 24 foot of road. Calculating this as you should already have flocking material in and it uses very very little.

The last thing to do to seal it off is brush some PVA glue over it all. Remember this dries clear so you won't see it and it wil hold everything together nicely. This last part took the longest and I think from start to finish it takes roughly 1 hour to do all the strips.

Step 8: And What of That Left Over Piece?

Remember I said to keep the piece that was left over?

Well cover this in sand and you have a dirt track. Paint the sand blue/green/drown and you have a stream/river.

Step 9: These Things I Do

And there you have it folks a road a grass base and a dirt track all for only a few pennies.

Now on with the war...