Introduction: How to Make Your Lego Motorized Crane Be Able to Use Different Attachments

As this is my very first instructable, I really have no idea of what to do.  I am sorry for the bad photos and the unclearness of this ible, but i hope you enjoy :D

Step 1: Taking of the Cover

First you will need to take off the cover covering the connections between the lower articulater and the one before it .

Step 2: Popping Dem Pins Out

There are two read pins connecting the articular and the adapter.  Pop both of them out with another +rod

Step 3: Taking Off the Bucket

Its quite easy there's a pin and a Blu rod that need to be taken out

Step 4: Time to Add Attachments :D

This is what the bucket with the 3 pins out next to them, i am sure you still have the cover since they are so hard to lose.

Step 5: Attachments?

I personally like the mixer but you can put any attachment on. Use just use a duel rod connector for attaching things.  There is a rod partially sticking out where you attache the duel rod connector.

Step 6: Time to Play, My Favorite Part of All :D,and the Most Vital Step

This is the most important step that there is no picture.