Introduction: How to Mod Xbox Into Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Please visit WWW.MLMOD.COM for more details and full pdf.

Step 1: Taking Apart the Falcon

Using the kenner 1979 falcon.
� There are 10 philips screws on the bottom of the
� You will need to gut everything inside with dremal
except the legs and a few screw risers save the 2
risers you do cut off they are good parts.
� Do not cut off the risers on each side of the front
legs they hold 2 screws. 2 by the cockpit,2 by the
very front and 2 by the back legs. Do not cut them
you will use 8 of the original screw risers.
� Make sure everything is grinded smooth.

Step 2: Grinding Down the Legs

The front leg will need some mod work
� Un screw the front leg and you are going to make
a reverse bracket.
� You will have to shorten just the bracket and make
it reverse of the original just smaller.
� This will allow the dvd to fit. (samsung)
Phillips drive is too big.
� The back right leg will need to be grinded down
flush with the bottom of the ship . Save the leg
remove first. You will need to epoxy it back in.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Fans

There are 6 fans going in this falcon. I bought
mine from case cooler around $60.
� Be very careful when cutting them out use a
dremal .
� Do not cut the holes to big the fans will need to be
glued to the edge from the inside.
� I used the blue led 30mm fans you can use any
30mm fan and run them inline.

Step 4: Controller Ports

You will need to extend all the controller ports.
Cut the originals in half and ad a 1 ½ foot
� Use a good soldering iron
� Use 22 gage to 25 gage or whatever you have
that must be close to same size , color code wire
will make for a cleaner finish.
� Connect all wires red to red green to green yellow
to yellow and so on.
� You will want to cut all the black plastic from the
controller port so they can be placed in separate
places. You will need to cut out holes in the front
of the ship for this.

Step 5: Power and Eject Buttons

Remove the back of the cockpit seat grind it in half
flush with the shell of the ship.
� You will use half of the chair for support of the
power eject button.
� Remember the old risers you cut off the ship ?
You need to epoxy them behind the seat .this will
be a base for the power and eject.
� You will need to extend the power and eject button
with a 1 ½ foot extension.
� Cut the wires one by one they are all yellow.
Solder them and use shrink tubing.

Step 6: Power Supply

You should have the right rear leg cut out. The
power supply will need to go in this area upside
� Be careful fine tuning the leg to get the power
supply to fit in.
� You will need to dremal out a oval hole for the
power plug in the outside right leg base.
� Once you get it to fit you can epoxy it in. You
should use your original xbox cardboard because
the mother board sits close to this.
� You will also have to extend or bye a red yellow
black computer power wire .

Step 7: The Motherboard

Place the mother board in, with the power
supply plug in the back and the ide plug up
� Controller ports and power eject on the left.
And audio video on the right.
� Make sure that the motherboard is not
hitting the power supply!

Step 8: Adding the Lan and Hd Activity Lights

� HD activity light solder the � of the led to the 39
pin (pic1)on the hd and the + to the 5v source on
the hd(pic2).
� Flip over the motherboard and solder the � to this
spot . (pic3) Solder the + to any 5v source or 12v
depending on your leds.
� Check out for more.
� I am not responsible for any broken xbox this is
not an easy project.

Step 9: Cutting the Dvd Tray

You will need your dremal . Remove this part of
the ship with care. It is right in front .
� Try to cut it as close to the shell as you can. This
will be 2 pieces a top half and bottom half.
� Use the original battery door do not cut this.
� Or the cleaner way to do this is find a replacement
panel from the front of the ship and use it , this is
what I did.
� You can find parts on ebay.

Step 10: Audio Video Plugs and Internet Plug

You can buy them both online female to
female plugs.
� Drill holes for you�re a/v plugs in the side 1
on the top half of the ship and 2 on the lower
� And below drill out a hole for your internet
plug. You will need to make an extension for
your internet plug to the motherboard .

Step 11: Placing the Dvd and Hard Drive In.

You will need a glue gun for temp fit.
• The hard drive will go in first almost resting
on motherboard , ide cable will run under it.
• The dvd drive will have a slight downward
angle it will rest on the hest sink barley
touches. Try to do a test fit you may have to
grind a little to get it flat against the bottom.

Step 12: 123 Setup

Power supply in first and any leds you add .
� Power eject button run wires under
� Then place motherboard in. Epoxy it down all
4 corners.
� Connect power supply ,power & eject,
fans,Ide ,dvd wires and controllers (all wires)
� Then add hard drive.
� Then dvd drive.


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