Introduction: How to Play Zombie Dice

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Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned.

Zombie Dice is a game that is quickly growing with popularity. It is fast, taking about 10-15 minutes, easy to learn, and can be played with 2 or more players just about anywhere due to its easy-tow advantage. Zombie Dice has also been played on the Youtube series Table Top with popular host Wil Wheaton. Table Top is a series where they test and play out long strategic games and Wil mentioned Zombie Dice as a nice "in-between game" among the longer games to play. While popular with online and gaming community, Zombie Dice has also gained its reputation through drinking parties or a game to hype you before zombie movies. Braaaainsss!!

A good game should be played on a good surface. We simply modified our coffee table with a roll out poker table-like cloth to play our games on. You can find the instructable on how to make it here. It's cheap and fast to make.

If you have never heard of this game before, no problem. You can learn it quickly. It is addicting!

Step 1: The Overview

I have personally seen dice games take storm in department stores over the past few years. Some games are very complex, others, such as Zombie Dice are simple. Here is a basic overview of the game..

There are 13 dice total

The dice have pictures on them. The pictures mean you ate a brain, your victim got away, or they shot you back.

The dice are colored green, yellow and red. 3 are red, 4 are yellow, and 6 are green. As you may have figured out, red dice are colored red because they are "high risk" dice. We will get to that later.

How to win

First player to reach 13 brains is the winner.

You will need something to keep player scores on, such as a notepad or a receipt to a movie ticket! You will also need something to keep score with like a pencil or pen.

Step 2: The Dice

Here is an overview of the dice.

The objective of the game is to get 13 brains. They can consist of any color brain.

So you may think that green dice mean automatic brains. This is not the case. If you look closely, all dice, no matter what color, have a shot, feet, and brains. The difference in them is the color and thus outcome.

The meaning behind the colors is the probability of how bad your outcome will be. For example, say you pull out 3 red dice, you are more than likely going to be shot 3 times.

So dice go as follows:

Green= more likely to roll a brain

Yellow= little less likely to roll a brain

Red= more likely to get shot

Brain is GOOD. Shot is BAD. Footsteps mean ROLL that specific die AGAIN.

Step 3: The Rules

Now that you are familiar with the dice and what they mean, lets get to the rules.

- Who ever won last goes first. Or, if this is your first time, whoever can shout "brainnnns" the loudest goes first!

-The first player grabs 3 dice and rolls.

-If any footsteps are rolled, they signify rolling that same die again.

-If you are shot or ate any brains, put these to the right or on your player board. This helps keep track of what you have for this round.

- With that being said, each roll must be with 3 dice every time. If you put a brain die and a shot die aside, then you need to grab 2 more dice from the container to make 3 dice.

-The player continues to roll until they get 1 or 2 shots.

-If the player is close to 3 shots, they should call for the next player to play. Any brains accumulated through the rolls are safe to be tallied unless 3 shots have been rolled. If 3 shots have been rolled, the player will loose all their brains they have eaten this round. So it is better to keep safe and pass the turn on to the next player. This way you keep whatever you have eaten.

If you are shot 3 times and lost all your brains for that round, it's not the end of the world, you can still try again next turn. Anything tallied from a previous round that wasn't shot 3 times is safe.

If it is your turn, you can always stop rolling any time you want, but keep in mind you won't get much brains not being greedy!

First player to get to 13 brains wins!! YAY

For example!! Ah, the best part to help learn!

Say you roll one brain, one shot, and one footstep die. You must place the shot and the brain aside and grab 2 more dice from the container and add it to the footstep die. You now are back to 3 dice; roll and go again. If this time you suddenly roll 2 more shots, you have lost your one brain you have accumulated this round. Then it is player 2's turn.

Now I will explain this visually. The much easier way! :)

Step 4: Lets Show a Round

For this round, Player 1 was doing well accumulating 2 brains and ready get more. Suddenly, 3 shots are rolled and Player 1 looses everything gained this round. Better luck next turn!

Step 5: Some More Examples of Play

Step 6: More Examples of Random Plays

These are some random examples what to do if a certain outcome is rolled.

Step 7: Have Fun!

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable! I truly hope I made the rules clear for you. Zombie Dice really is a fun game. My boyfriend and I seem to find ourselves playing it as we watch T.V in the evenings after a long day of work. It's fast, a good de-stresser, and makes the evening a little more fun! I hope you find yourself playing this game too. Have a great day!

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