Introduction: How to Play Bluff

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This another very popular card game which I love to play it is funny as well as sharpen your guessing skills .So, for this you need a deck of cards .

Step 1: Giving Players the Cards

Preferable no. of players for this game is 4 . more or less may also do.

So, here's how to play it.

First jumble the deck of cards and distribute them to all the players equally .

Then tell the players to not show their cards to others but can see their cards themselves.

Step 2: Let's Start to Play

  • The first player will put down a certain no. of cards of a particular no. and say aloud which cards in how many no. has he placed in the middle.The cards should upside down so, that no one can see them . The cards have to be of a same no. like 3 cards of king , 2 cards of the no.4 etc. The player can either say the truth or lie about the card which he is putting down
  • The opponents get choose whether the player is bluffing or not .
  • If someone objects that the player is bluffing he picks up the card to inspect
  • If the player
    • Is not bluffing then the objector has to pick up the cards and the player gets to play again
    • Is bluffing then the player has to pick them back up and the objector gets the turn.
  • If not one objects the goes to the next player . This goes on till all the player pass on turn saying they have no card of the particular no. left . then the player starts with a new no.
  • This goes on till someone manages to finish all his cards .That player is declared the winner.
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