Introduction: How to Play Old Games/ROMS MAME,Nintendo 64,Sega Genesis,Super Nintendo - Etc

Today I will be showing you how to play (MAME,Nintendo 64,Sega Genesis,Super Nintendo) old games that you had bought before but lost them.

(I will be showing you how to play ROMS (Games) on a computer)

Important Notes:

If you did not own the console that uses the Game then using the software that imitates as one of those consoles IS LEGAL IN ALL COUNTRIES (If not all,Most. If you are still concerned its better to ask a lawyer and not me.)

If you are going to play these games without buying it before it will be ILLEGAL, I am not held responsible for any of your actions.

Now, Lets continue!
(Go to step 1, duh :P)

Step 1: Step 1: Getting the Emulators (console Imitating Software)

1. A Windows based PC
2. Basic computing knowledge
3. At least 5MB of space on Drive. (USB,hard disk, etc)

First of all, we need to go to After that, select a console. Example: if I wanted to play a Sega Genesis game, I would click "Sega Genesis", for Atari I would......etc. After that, select an emulator that has Windows beside it. (Important Note!!!: you must have installed a software such as WinRAR or 7Zip. I prefer WinRAR.) Then, select it, and let it download.

After it's downloaded, extract it where ever you want. OK! now we have the Emulator(s)!. Now we need to get the ROMS (Games). Continue to Step 2

Step 2: Step 2: Getting the ROMS (games).

First, we have to go to that same website I just gave you. After that, look on the left and you should see a "ROMS" link. Click it. Then select your console. After that, find your game and download it.

Put your emulator & rom(s) in the same folder; then, drag the Rom file on top of the Emulator file and the game will start-up, now PLAY PLAY PLAY!!!!