Introduction: Pimp My PSP Chapter 1 Your One Stop Instructable for All Your PSP's Needs!

This instructable will teach you some unique things that will transform your PSP into a Multi-Media Beast.

This instructable will show you how to:

1. Update your PSP (Official Firmware, not Custom Firmware)
2. Add videos to your PSP (Chapter 2)
3. Add photos to your PSP(Chapter 2)
4. Add music to your PSP(Chapter 2)
5. And much, much more. (Chapter 1)

By reading any step (not including the intro step) on this instructable, you will have automatically agreed to my Terms Of Service.

Terms Of Service: any misuse of these steps that results in damage from them is not my fault and you do here by at your own risk use this instructable which are mere suggestions on my part which I have found to be very beneficial for my PSP. I have never had a problem while doing any of these so you should be good : ) .

Lastly, all the links i provide are safe and not to dangerous places, so no worries in that department..

Now, lets move on!

Step 1: Step One: Updating Your PSP

Updating your PSP is a recommended thing, as it can fix security holes, add new features, and bunches of more stuff.

Before we start, there are 3 ways you can update your PSP system:

1. Update using the PSP system's [System Update] feature. This requires you to be connected to
A wireless network.

2. Download update data using a PC and transfering it to your PSP Via USB cord or Memory Stick.

3. Update using update data that is included on a UMD" (Universal Media Disk).

Go to Step 2 if you are doing method 1.
Go to Step 3 if you are doing method 2.
Go to step 4 if you are doing method 3.

Step 2: Updating Your PSP [Method 1]

Method 1:

Turn on your PSP System, and navigate to the left most menu, (Settings Menu) and select "Network Update" After that, the PSP System will prompt you to connect to a wireless network. Select the wireless network you prefer. After that, the PSP will check for any new updates. Select the update and wait until the firmware is completed downloading. After downloading is completed, follow the on-screen instructions on your PSP system.

If you have not created and saved a connection, no connections will be displayed. In this case, select "New Connection" and enter the necessary network settings. For details, refer to the instructions that came with your PSP system.

I also recommend that you plug in your PSP to an A/C adaptor.
And also, your battery will need to be 100% fully charged to be able to start the Update.
If you need to check battery percentage charged, select [Battery Information] in System Settings.

Look at the pictures for more information.

-Skip to Step 5 once finished.-

Step 3: Updating Your PSP [Method 2]

Updating your PSP through a PC. [Method 2]

Required Items:

A PSP (PlayStation Portable) system with battery pack and AC adaptor
Memory Stick Duo" media with at least 25 MB of free space
Internet access
And One of the following:
A USB A<-> Mini-B (5-pin) cable or "Fire-Wire"

A PC equipped with a Memory Stick slot
*If the slot on the device can handle only standard-size Memory Stick Duo" media, a Memory Stick Duo Adaptor (model number MSAC-M2; a Sony product sold separately) is required.

Please read it carefully as misuse could cause harm to your PSP.

Part 1: Updating through PC, with Memory Stick (No USB)

1. Create a folder for the update data on the Memory Stick Duo" media.
Using your PC, create a folder named "PSP" on the Memory Stick Duo" media. Within the "PSP" folder, create a folder named "GAME". Within the "GAME" folder, create a folder named "UPDATE". (Folder names must be in all uppercase letters) (Look at first Picture)

2. <--Download. Go to that website, then select your
region, after that, click PSP. You should see below somewhere: PSP System Software Update. click it,then Download the update data and save it in the "UPDATE" folder created in step 1.

3. Do the following things before proceeding to next step:

  • Fully charge the battery.
  • Connect the AC adaptor to the PSP system and plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • Do not remove the AC adaptor.
  • Do not turn off the system or remove the Memory Stick Duo" media.

4. Insert the Memory Stick Duo" media containing the update data in to the PSP� system.
Select (Memory Stick) under (Game) from the home menu, and then select . Press the (X) button to start the update.

If your doing it with a USB, just do the same things but without the memory stick!

Skip to step 5 after finishing!

Step 4: Updating Your PSP [Method 3]

Method 3

Required Items:
A PSP (PlayStation Portable) system with battery pack and A/C adaptor
A UMD" containing update data

When you insert a UMD" containing update data in the system, under the "Game" section, a ( o ) UMD picture will be there. Refer to first picture below.

Select the PSP Update UMD item, and the update will start.

NOTE!: Do these things before starting the update! Fully charge the battery.
Connect the AC adaptor to the PSP system and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Skip to step 5 after completing this!

Step 5: The Fun Part: Spicing Up Your PSP!

Did you ever wanted to give an artist's touch of color splash to your PSP? Or, wanted your PSP to look more cool? Well look no further! The following steps will show you how to get free new themes for your PSP!

Required Items:
A Playstation Portable System.
USB or Memory Stick Duo (or + )
Internet Connection with your PC.

Carry on to the next step (Step 6) when your ready.

Step 6: Spicing Up Your PSP! - Part 1

Ok so you want some themes right? Then lets continue...

First, go to this website:
Note:I will be using this website but you can use this method for any theme for PSP
Then, select a category based on what theme you want. (Look at first picture for more info)

After that, a whole list of different themes will be there. Select any theme you like and another page will come up with a small buttons on the bottom that says: [Download Theme] and
[Download Theme+ Pic]. Click [Download Theme] (More info on Picture 2).
After that a download box will come, just save the theme anywhere you want it to be.

Now continue to step 7!

Step 7: Spicing Up Your PSP! - Part 2

Do before continuing:

Connect your PSP to your PC either with a Memory Stick Duo reader or with A USB.

[Note for USB Users: You must connect your USB to the PC first then the PSP,
then select USB Connection.]

Step One: Go to Start > My Computer > Removable Drive X. (Where the X is, the drive letter will be, everybody's drive letter is different.)

Then you should see a folder named "PSP" go inside it and there is or should be a folder named "THEME" (if there is no THEME folder, make a folder THEME in caps there)

Look at Picture 1 for more info

Then, remember the theme we downloaded before? drag and drop that theme (.ptf) into the THEME folder.

TA-DA! you have installed your first theme!

Go to next step (Step 8) for how to start the new theme on your PSP.

Step 8: Starting Up the Theme on Your PSP.

This is very easy to do. First, go to the right most of your PSP menu (Go to settings menu) and go down until you see "Theme Settings", click theme settings and click "Theme".

(Look at picture for more info)

Then a bar will come on the side and will show all the themes that are there for you to use (themes you/sony installed). click the one you like and it will be set!.

Thank you for reading Chapter 1 of Go!Guide PSP. Hope you see Chapter 2 of this release!


Credits: Some steps edited from forum on Sony PSP Forums US
Pictures Sony PSP Forums US
Me for most of the stuff