Introduction: How to Press a Design on to a T-shirt(Vinyl)

In this instructable I will teach you how to export, cut-out, place, and press a design on to a piece of clothing.

DISCLAIMER: The design you see on the sweater in the end of this instructable is similar but not exact to the one used in the design steps earlier in this instructable. The steps are still the same, but you will notice that the design at the end is different.

Step 1: Design Process

Using Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator you can create your design to be put on the t-shirt. I did a lot of my photo editing in Photoshop then imported it into Illustrator to trace the lines for cutting.

Step 2: Design Process

Once you live trace your design, you will see a whole bunch of points, these are called anchors and the lines between them are called paths both of which will be used by the cutter.

By going to View>Show Grid

this will show a grid behind your design, showing where transparency is, and each box is a square inch so that will help with your sizing of your design.

My design transparent so we can easily see the design on the shirt, and all the white is on a different layer for the printing/cutting process. Each different colour, is technically a different material and needs to be on its own layer.

Step 3: Cutting Master

Once all of your different colours are on a different layer, and you are ready to print your design go to:
File>Cutting Master 3>Send to Cutting Master 3.

Open the page settings, and input your page/roll settings for your vinyl sheet. Mirror your image so it will be in its correct orientation on the shirt.

Check mark the layer/colour/material you would like to cut first.

Go to the connected cutters and make sure that your cutter is on, and ready-to-print.

Step 4: Preparing the Cutter

1.)Load your desired colour into the cutter.
2.)Determine the print area by allowing your cutter to find the two edges of your sheet

3.) Send the design over to the cutter by clicking "Send"

Step 5: Peeling the Vinyl

When you get your sheet, peel all the stuff out that you don't want to be filled. You make need to use an X-Acto knife or small flat head screw driver to get started out the precious details.

Because our t-shirt press area was small, i had to cut out all of the different objects in my design and press them individually.

Step 6: Pressing the Design

Place your clothing in the press and turn on the press to let it heat up. After warming up, place one part of your design, press down and hold for 15 seconds. If you find its lifting when you try to peel off the sheet then press it again until secure.

Step 7: Success!

Congratulations! You have now pressed your own design onto clothing!