Introduction: Adding Album Artwork to ITunes

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Chances are your here because you hate all the gray music album covers on your iPod because your to cheep to buy them, so you "Legally" obtained them from a Music sharing site (or maybe a CD you had)

So, I'll show you how to add album artwork to make it look better.

Step 1: Choose a Song

Find your Song without Album Artwork

Step 2: Getting the Album Artwork

Using our BFF Google, we can easily find the Album Artwork by searching "Artist Name Album Name"
Like this: "Red hot chili peppers stadium arcadium"

Once you find it, [ctrl + c] copy it.

Step 3: Getting It on the Song

1. Left-click the Song and find "Get Info"

2. Click on "Artwork"

3. Paste the artwork saved to your clipbaord.

4. Click  "OK"

Step 4: Repeat With the Rest of Your Songs!

Or as much as your lazy $#@ feels like.