Adding Album Artwork to ITunes

Introduction: Adding Album Artwork to ITunes

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Chances are your here because you hate all the gray music album covers on your iPod because your to cheep to buy them, so you "Legally" obtained them from a Music sharing site (or maybe a CD you had)

So, I'll show you how to add album artwork to make it look better.

Step 1: Choose a Song

Find your Song without Album Artwork

Step 2: Getting the Album Artwork

Using our BFF Google, we can easily find the Album Artwork by searching "Artist Name Album Name"
Like this: "Red hot chili peppers stadium arcadium"

Once you find it, [ctrl + c] copy it.

Step 3: Getting It on the Song

1. Left-click the Song and find "Get Info"

2. Click on "Artwork"

3. Paste the artwork saved to your clipbaord.

4. Click  "OK"

Step 4: Repeat With the Rest of Your Songs!

Or as much as your lazy $#@ feels like.

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    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    CD's ... buy them cheaper from freinds. There are usually people that will take songs that other people want and burn them into a CD and then other people will pay them (usually slightly cheaper than downloading it) to borrow the CD and put the songs onto iTunes.

    Mathias Re'eh
    Mathias Re'eh

    13 years ago on Introduction

    just copy and paste instead of saving the artwork. It works so much faster.


    There is actually a way easier method that allows you to not have to save the image on your pc

    Just select every song in the album with the shift key.

    then right click and select "show info"

    Then you'll get a screen for all the songs. Now you will notice a small square on the right side of the screen you've just opend and above that it will say "illustration". Now go to google,  find your image. Right click on the image. select copy. Go to the square. right click on it and select paste. The image will stand in the square, "v" it (in my country it's called "vink aan" but i don't know how you say it in english, it's just clicking the small square so you get a v)

    Then click ok  and there you go. Way easier les clicking and none of those annoying album art in your download directory.

    you can do the same if you want to change only one song. Just follow the same  steps but instead of a small square on the right you'll have to click a tab that says "illustration". Then just paste it in the square you see there and you're done.

    Feel free to add this to your 'ible but a little credit would be nice :)

    Oh and well explained btw :)