How to Put an Eyepatch on a TEDDY BEAR




Introduction: How to Put an Eyepatch on a TEDDY BEAR

I show this simple, easy, instructable about how to put an eye patch on a teddybear, or any fluffy animal that has there eye falling out, or one that has an eye, but you think looks cool with an eye patch. Either way, its super easy! Sorry for the crappy pics                                                                  THINGS YOU NEED:
               thin leather
               hot gluegun
               a thumb tack

Step 1: The Teddy Bear

First off, you need a stuffed animal. It really can be anysort of teddybear, doesn't matter.

Step 2: The Eyepatch

2nd, you need to get your leather, cut it into that shape, much more sphere like. BUT it needs to have a quarter moon like shape like so. After you do that, take a thumb tack and a magazine (or any hard surface) and use a hammer to punch 10 holes, as such bellow.

Step 3: Putting the Eyepatch in Place

Then, put hot glue on one of its eyes (or put it where there WAS an eye) and put the eye patch directly on the hot glue.

Step 4: Sewing

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    6 years ago

    I think I'll be doing this for my son's panda bear that keeps losing its eye. Do you have any additional tips or details for completing the final step (sewing) the best way?