Introduction: How to Renew Your Old Faded Converse

I am going to be teaching you guys and girls how to renew your old faded converse. And for under $1 all you need to do is head over to ur 99 cent store and buy a black hair dying kit. Simple? p.s i did a messy job. u could do better. This is the finished product you can see that the one on the Right is the darker one.

Step 1: First Step Is the Set Up.

you will need to get the following items.
1. black dying kit
2. pair of black and white or solid black converse
5.gloves should come with kit

STEP. 1 u also need to covor all of the parts that are white on the shoe with tape make sure u this before or it will be real hard once u started and also u need to mix the ingredients inside of the hair dying kit. if you get a color that is not black dont be afraid it willl slowly turn black when u start adding it onto the shoes. oh yeah you need to take off the shoelaces.

Step 2: Painting or Dying the Shoe

Step 3: For this step you need to pour some of the dying solution on the black part of your shoes. You need to brush it with the toothbrush and don't be afraid if you put to much it should look like this.

Step 3: The Waiting Game

For this step you just let the shoes dry and then you wash it out with water and don't worry if there is still some excess paint that has not been consumed by the shoe wash that off. let it dry and your done. reinsert shoelaces washing them first would be better though and your done your old shoe has become a new shoe well almost only you know that it is an old shoe.
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