How to Restrict Yourself From Using Facebook?

Introduction: How to Restrict Yourself From Using Facebook?

Lets face it. How many times we deactivate our Facebook account and reactivate it the very next minute.

I went through an introspection process myself and figured out that I am addicted to Facebook. I need to get rid of it. I fished around for deleting my Facebook account but it all went in vain.

I finally decided to deactivate my account.

Next minute my friend walked in telling me to see the profile picture of one of my crush. My crush changes everyday though :P . I accessed Facebook forgetting the decision I took earlier.

And the very same incident has happened to me a million times.

Well, it's easy now to restrict yourself from using facebook.

How? Let's find out

Step 1: What Do We Need?

A working INTERNET and a dedicated mind. That's all.

Step 2: Install the HT Parental Software

  • Google "ht parental control"
  • Download the free trial the trial is available only for 14 days.

Step 3: Install HT Parental Control

Step 4: Run HT Parental

  • As I said, the free version is available only for 14 days. A screen will pop-up notifying the same.
  • Click Continue
  • Click on website filtering option.
  • You will find Facebook blocking option
  • Click on that and block or limit the use of Facebook
  • Now your facebook is blocked. Verify it if you want.
    • Remarks : Install the same app after 14 days.
    • Start with limiting yourself and then block it- a suggestion from my side.
    • You'll see the results soon !!

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