Introduction: How to Sculpt From Any Drawing Tutorial

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This is an Unfinished Instructable, check back soon for more pictures.

When I was younger, I wanted to find tutorials on how to sculpt certain characters from television shows, video games, and movies.  Unfortunately, I could never find any good clay sculpting tutorials, only how to draw them. Thats when my creativity kicked in. Why not use the drawing tutorial AS a sculpting tutorial? Over the next few weeks, my new technique was born. This Instructable will teach you what I did:

How to sculpt from ANY drawing tutorial. 

You will need:

Tin foil
Wire (optional but recomended)
Toothpicks or other detailing tools
An oven
Sculpy or Fimo clay
Wire cutters (I use NEW toenail clippers)
A great imagination

Step 1: Find a Good Step-by-step Draw

First thing you need to do is find a good drawing tutorial. There are thousands out there, so find the most detailed one you can. I chose this one of Pikachu.

Step 2: Think in 3-d

Every flat shape has an equal 3d shape. It's your job to figure out which one looks best. The chart below will show you the basics. 

Step 3: Build Up the Base

Use the tin-foil to form the basic shapes. Hook them together using the wire or the toothpicks. If they want you to do details, wait. Keep building until you get to the next step. 

Step 4: 'Erase' the 'Sketch Lines'

When you have made all of the large structures you can, this is when you add the clay. Work with the clay until it is warm and soft, and roll it into a ball. Now work it as flat as you can and start covering the foil. You will need about 1/4'' of clay over the surface of the tin sculpture.

Step 5: Add the Details

Refer back to the chart on step 2 if you need help. Use just the clay to build up the features until you are done with the drawing tutorial. Check both sides to see if they are symmetrical. Then look at the front and back. You will have to work the sides not covered by the drawing, and either use your best judgement, or find a similar tutorial of a different view. 

Step 6: Bake the Clay

Bake the clay in your oven on a metal pan or cookie tray for the time specified on the package. Each brand of clay is a tiny bit different. If your sculpt comes out feeling crumbly, you may need to bake it longer. Be aware it will turn darker and may crack if you bake it too long.

Step 7: Paint and Seal

If you used white clay like me, now you look at the finished product and paint it as close to the colors as you can. You may feel the need to seal the sculpture with spray gloss or other weather-proof sealant.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Sculpture

Depending on the size, you can use your new sculpt for jewelry, desk decorations, or even garden ornaments (if sealed). I hope you enjoyed my VERY FIRST 'Ible. Please let me know what I can do to improve, and vote for me in the "Play with Clay" Contest! 

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