Introduction: How to Do a Shopping Bag From an Old Umbrella

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I had the idea of doing shopping bags from umbrella because the new laws od European Union forbid the production of the old plastic shopping bags. I've always used reusable shopping bags, but I decided that I have to do "ultrarecycling" and I like it :)

an old umbrell, the bigger the better - or, if you have it, cloth string but thin
sewing thread
sewing machine - or a normal needle if you can sew really well
a shopping bag that's good for you (or you can use the pattern I give in this tutorial)
20 cm of ribbon

Note: You can find this tutorial in Italian on my blog .

Step 1: Breaking the Umbrella

Unstitch the cloth from the umbrella and cut it in two parts of the same size.

Be sure to recycle the parts you won't use.

Step 2: Cutting the Cloth

Print and enlarge my pattern of cut a shopping bag you like.

Put the pattern over the two pieces of cloth and mark the outline. I used a child felt tip, so the lines were washable. You can use some pin to block the pieces.

Cut on the lines, so you'll cut the two pieces in one time.

Step 3: Handles

If the cloth is not big enough, you have to add some to do the handles. Cut the fabric from the side and sew the handles.

Trim the sides that are drawn in blue in the pattern. These sides are left open in the bag.

Step 4: Borders

Sew the lateral borders (black lines), possibly using an "English stitching ", so the bag will be well finished off and strong.

Step 5: Finish

Fold the bellows on the green lines. Sew the borders with English stitching or revit and you have your superecological bag :)