Introduction: How to Transfer Sprites to Graph Paper

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Have you ever thought about having your favorite character sprite on a non-digital medium? This is how!

For example, I will be drawing Inuyasha, because he was the first one of these that I made.

Step 1: Materials

To do this, you will need:

A sprite
Colored Pencils
Graph paper
A normal pencil
A computer
Photo-Manipulation software with a 1x1 grid feature (I use Paint.NET)

Step 2: Get the Pattern

If you find a Perler Bead pattern online, this will save you a crapload of time, and you can skip step 3. I will be looking up "inuyasha perler sprite" and I found it pretty quickly, but if you can't find the one you are looking for, read on.

Step 3: A Little DIY Work...

(For this particular step, we will instead focus on Sesshomaru's sprite, from the same game, because I didn't find any perler sprites for him)

If you cannot find a good perler sprite, then you'll have to make one. First, you need to obtain a good sprite sheet, which, unlike perler sprites, aren't a total pain in the arse to find. If you haven't already, download Paint.NET here.

Once you have it, paste in your picture, and take the Box Selection tool and copy the pose that you want. Get the outlines exact, because it will make it easier to measure the picture. zoom in until you can see it clearly, and then turn on grid view. Use this to copy to the paper.


I cannot stress this enough. Make 110% sure that it will fit on the paper. If it does not, it will screw up the whole thing.

For example. The warp pipe from SMB1 took up an entire page.

Step 5: Doing the Deed


1. Color in any black parts of the sprite with a regular pencil, then color over them in a black colored pencil

2. Color any grey parts in with a regular pencil, then leave them alone.

3. Color in any other parts using their color.

4. ....

5. PROFIT!!!

Step 6: A Few Tips

for different shades, use different brands of the same color.