Introduction: How to Turn CRAYOLA Markers Into Pens.

About: Hey, My name is Katee, (AKA 5simplesteps), In my instructables I will try and make them very simple and 5 steps. Mostly litle crafts i find how to do and make them easyer. haapy veiwing!

To day i will be showing you how to make crayola pens.

-Skinny CRAYOLA marker

this will take less than 5 mins, So gather your tools and have fun! :)

Step 1: Destruction! :)

Step one:
First take off the bottom part of the marker.
(picture one)
Then take out the ink. You might have to cut off the tip first.
(picture two)
Cut the part off that starts getting bigger usualy theres a line. If there is cut off from the fit one.
(Picture 3)
Take out ink of pen. It should not be messy.
(picture 4)

Step 2: Assemble.

Step two:

Put marker bottom back on.
(picture one)
The pen part should fin in the cut hole we made on top of the marker
(picture two and three)

There you have it. you can throw away the ink from the marker.

the cap should fit the same if it doesnt just take out the pen ink and trim the plastic.

Step 3: Enjoy!

You can make a whole set. Pu them back in the box and give them two a friend. there really fun and easy.

thank you for looking. i hoped you learned something. and have fun :)