Introduction: How to Use a Needle Gauge to Measure Your Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks!

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Do you have knitting needles or crochet hooks without sizes marked on them? If so, then this little tool will be your best friend!

Many knitting needles, interchangeable needles, DPN, vintage needles and crochet hooks are unmarked! This can be very frustrating when trying to choose the right size for that project you want to start!

This needle gauge tool will help solve all of that! Small and portable, fits perfectly in your notions bag!

See how to use a needle gauge & what it can do for you!

Step 1: Most Needle Gauges Will Have Two Types of Measurements on Them…US and Metric.

You can see on the one in the photo, that US measurements are above the circle, and metric are below the circle.
The US measurements are what you would see on knitting needles written as US13, US10, US8, etc.

The Metric measurements are written in millimeter form and would appear as 9.0mm, 6.0mm, 5.0mm, etc.

Step 2: ​To Measure, Simply Find the Hole That Looks Closest to Your Size

Keep measuring in the surrounding holes until you find the one that fits perfectly. It should glide smoothly through without any space around it. The same goes for a crochet hook!

Once you find the right hole, you will have the exact size/gauge of your needle or hook!

Step 3: Now You Know Your Needle or Hook Gauge!

This has been a lifesaver for me so many times! You think you’ll remember the size of that needle or hook when you first buy it…then months later when you get it…you totally forget! This will never be a problem for you once you have one of these!

If you love the little fox needle gauge in this post, you can get one of your very own too! Katrinkles sent me this one and I LOVE it!!

She burns the designs into the bamboo, and the holes are laser cut…so they are super precise! Plus, bamboo is naturally antibacterial! How cool is that?! She makes them in all of the U.S. states, animals and more!

Find them here:

The Fox Needle Gauge Tool

Step 4: