Introduction: How to Use and Add the UNOFFICIAL Instructables Add-on(for FireFox)

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You may have noticed my post on the community form, but if you didn't that's ok.  I created a instructables add-on, I made it to make my life easier and I thought if it could make mine easier why not yours.  So im going to show you how to add then use the add-on.

Step 1: Installing

To get the add on go here.  Once your on the page click the green button that says "+ Add To FireFox"  now you must wait 4(ish) seconds and click "Install Now".  It will install and prompt you to restart Firefox do this now.  Once fire fox is back open you have just successfully installed the add-on and made me happy.

Step 2: Navigating

Now that you have the add-on im going to show you how to use it.  The add-on is one main menu and has 4sub menus and 3 links excluding sub menus. When you click a a menu item it opens and activates a new tab with the link.  So if you have any links I don't have please tell me.

The three links are log in/sign up, you, and  They do what they say the first one sends you to the log in/sign up page.  You sends you to your page.  The last one sends you to instructables home page.

The first sub menu is all the extra stuff I wanted it off to the side and not in my way.  It has a link to "go pro" and to the "community" forum.  It also has two links to the US and UK store.  I also put in a survey that I really want you to fill out.  It will tell me how I can better my add-on and what you think of it.  I also put a link to my site, because im that kind of a person.

The second sub menu is all of your profile stuff.  I forgot to add a link(or two) when making it so the next version will have it (I promise).  It has a link to go pro to.  You can edit your profile, upload files, and view most all of your stuff.

The third sub menu is "view"  it currently has all the instructables categories and two main RSS feeds.  I plan to add more RSS support and ways to embed and download instructables.  I will most likely add a RSS sub menu as it could get long.

The fourth and last sub menu allows you to create/make a slide show, video, and instructable.  I want to add embed and download to this sub menu.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Now that you have the knowledge of my add-on enjoy it.  And if you have any comments/questions tell me.

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