Introduction: How to Utilise All the Health Benefits of the Durian Fruit?

The Durian fruit is known as the king of fruits for a reason. The health benefits it provides are innumerable and it is easily available everywhere as it is a tropical fruit. The Durian fruit is soft and pulpy on the inside but hard and thorny on the outside. It is available from the month of June to August and if taken regularly in this period, it ensures good health for the rest of the year. Here are some health benefits it provides:

1. A good source of energy:

2. Acts as a natural anti-depressant:

3. For healthy bones and teeth:

4. Aids in delaying ageing

5. For a healthy digestive system:

6. Maintaining blood sugar levels:

7. Maintaining blood pressure levels:

8. Beneficial for Anaemic patients:.

9. For a better libido:

10. Helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases:

Tips on how to consume this fruit:

The Duran fruit can be eaten raw and it is the best form of eating this fruit. The Cutting of the fruit can be a bit messy. Hence follow these simple steps:

1. Buy the Durian fruit and wash it.

2. Now take a knife and make a deep cut from one end to the other.

3. Now using your hands, force open the fruit from the middle.

4. Remove the pulpy section using spoon and remove the seed from within.

Now you can enjoy the fruit!

more details on Durian fruit, check out the video: