Introduction: Howl's Moving Castle: Turnip Head

I'm a very big fan of Studio Ghibli! Hayao Miyazaki movies are incredible and "Howl's moving castle" isn't an exeption.

The plot is about the fantastic adventure of Sophie and her magic new friends.. One of them ispired me and now I have a beautiful gadget of Turnip head! <3

Do you want to learn more about it?

Follow me and I'll write to my little scarecrow ;)

Step 1: What You Need

These are what you need to make a little Turnip Head :

- black, pink, blue and withe cloths;

- needle and black thread;

- glue gun;

- two toothpicks;

- black pen;

- little sponge;

- scissors.

Do you have everything ? So.. Let's go!

Step 2: An Elegant Suit 1/5

This magic character wears an elegant black suit. It's the first thing you have to sew.

Take a toothpick and cut the tips so cut a long rectangle of black cloth and roll it up the toothpick.

You can fix the cloth using needle and black thread.

Now You have Turnip Head's ars!

Step 3: An Elegant Suit 2/5

To make the body of the scarecrow, take a black square cloth and cut two little holes.

Now, insert the arms into the two holes.

Can you see the space between the arms ? There it's where you'll put the spong but first you have to stuck the second toothpick in the spong.

It's not complicated Don't you think ?

Step 4: An Elegant Suit 3/5

Now, you are ready to take two little rectangles of pink and blue cloths. They will be the shirt and the waistcoat of your Turnip Head.

Put the pink and blue cloth behind the toothpick so fix them on the spong by glue gun.

Step 5: An Elegant Suit 4/5

Finally, you can close the black coat and fix the sleeves to the body by needle and black thread.

Don't forget to make a little blue bowtie to finish the suit !

I know. You still have to sew the pant.. Don't worry and follow me for the last step and finish.. the suit! :P

Step 6: An Elegant Suit 5/5

Draw two pants on the black cloth so cut them.

Sew togethever the two parts, put the result on the scarecrow and.. Voila!

The body of your gadget is ready!

Step 7: A Turnip Head

It's not difficult making the head of a Turnip head XD

Using the glue gun, make a little ball so put around the white cloth. Fix it by glue gun.

You can choose if using needle and thread to sew eyes, nose and smile on the face or drawing them with a pen.

When you finished the face, you can put the head on the body by glue gun.

Step 8: Gloves and Top Hat

You are almost done!

To finish your gadget, take a rectangular black cloth and roll it up. Stick the result on a circular black cloth.

Complete the top hat with a little pink strip of cloth.

Now cut two little hands of white cloths to make the gloves. Did you make it? Fantastic!

Finally, fix top hat on Turnip head's head and gloves on the end of its arms.

Step 9: Finish!

If you did all the steps, you have a little Turnip head !

I hope I helped you to make it and.. I'm sure it's well done so.. Good job!

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